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Increasingly, service innovation plays an instrumental role in transforming and upgrading traditional economic sectors and industries into more productive, competitive and high value-added business eco-systems. Considered as being multi-dimensional in nature, service innovation comprises innovation in services, service sectors or service industries that are provided by service entrepreneurs and service firms.

It also takes place in manufacturing industries, adding further value and contributing significantly to overall productivity and profitability. There is a growing need to assess, analyse and demonstrate the impact that service innovation has on industrial change, and to assist Member States and regions towards a greater understanding of the role that service innovation can play as a driver of industrial transformation and future competitiveness.

The role of policy-making in facilitating industrial development and the growth of SMEs

The European Service Innovation Centre (ESIC) aims to capture and demonstrate the dynamics and impact of service innovation, as well as to assess how service innovation can contribute to Europe's competitiveness, to the shaping of new industrial structures and regional development.

Website: ec.europa.eu/enterprise/initiatives/esic/index_en.htm 


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