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Policy Learning Platform
Concrete Actions

Target Groups

The ultimate objective of the EMMIA Policy Learning Platform is to contribute to better conditions in Europe for the emergence of new and competitive industrial value chains based on the integration of mobile services in particular in mobility industries.

The emergence of a new industry requires first of all a secure legal framework and functioning markets which are beyond the reach of the EMMIA platform. 

The EMMIA policy learning platform aims at better understanding how policy action and the design of concrete support measures create an ecosystem in which new value propositions and value chains can be developed and scaled-up to ultimately accelerate change in existing industries and enhance European competitiveness. 
Therefore the target group for the EMMIA Policy Learning Platform, for the roadmaps, masterplans and policy recommendations which have to be developed, are stakeholders in industrial policy on national, regional and municipal level, while the ultimate beneficiaries are entrepreneurs, existing businesses and the “new mobile citizen”.
EMMIA will lead this change in Europe across borders, regions and industries, including worldwide stakeholders. EMMIA is about better practice for the future rather than about dissemination of best practices from the past. It is about new policies to target Europe’s mobile future.
The EMMIA platform aims at reaching different stakeholder groups:


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